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Be a better daughter-in-law. 5 ways to improve your relationship with the in-laws

You contribute an equal amount to the in-law relationship as a daughter-in-law.

When you married the boy, you also married the family, and that in-law relationship is notoriously negative. It’s a cliché, but they say relationships are a two-way street.

Studio 5 Parenting Contributor Heather Johnson wants you to take accountability for your side of the road. She shares how to be better daughters-in-law.

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5 Ways to be a Better Daughter-in-Law

Building Independent Connections

Central to Heather’s thoughts is the idea of daughters-in-law developing independent relationships with their mothers-in-law. This involves delving into their interests, hobbies, and personal preferences, shifting the focus to a genuine human connection.

Understanding, Not Necessarily Agreement

Heather underscores the importance of finding understanding rather than complete agreement. Acknowledging and respecting differences without allowing them to create rifts is pivotal. It’s about striving to comprehend the other’s viewpoint without internalizing disagreements.

The Role of a Gatekeeper

Being a gatekeeper involves fostering an open gate between a mother-in-law and her grandchildren. Creating an environment where the in-law feels welcome and valued, devoid of judgment, contributes to enriching intergenerational relationships.

Practical Steps for Nurturing Bonds

Heather offers actionable advice, such as keeping in-laws informed about family events and refraining from assumptions based on actions. These steps significantly contribute to cultivating understanding and harmony.

Respecting the Past, Focusing on the Present

An essential aspect emphasized by Heather is the need to respect historical family matters by staying out of past issues. The focus should remain on the present and building upon the sacrifices made by the mother-in-law for the family’s well-being.

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