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Don’t forget the reason for Thanksgiving! 3 ways you can really embrace this holiday

It’s easy to forget the reason for Thanksgiving.

With Thanksgiving a week away, we took time to reflect on what it represents. It’s easy to forget the true essence of the holiday, but it’s essential we remember.

Host of KSL Radio’s Inside Sources, Boyd Matheson, shares how remembering is the key to gratitude.


How to Remember the Reason for Thanksgiving

Boyd begins by quoting William George Jordan, underscoring the profound impact of forgetfulness in gratitude. According to Jordan, “In gratitude, the most popular sin of humanity is forgetfulness of the heart.” Boyd explains that this forgetfulness could pave the way to other negative emotions like anger and frustration when we fail to remember our blessings. He emphasizes the importance of ‘remembering,’ not merely as recollection but as a practice of cherishing overlooked moments in life.

Embracing Life’s Full Spectrum

Boyd’s perspective extends beyond the conventional understanding of gratitude. He stresses the significance of acknowledging not only life’s joys but also its challenges. Thanksgiving encompasses not just celebration, but also acknowledgment of pain. We need to empathize with those facing difficulties during the festive season.

“Forgiving Wednesday”

Boyd delves into the power of forgiveness. He proposes the idea of “Forgiving Wednesday,” advocating for the release of grudges as a gift both to others and oneself. This act, he explains, liberates us from the weight of bitterness and resentment, fostering a sense of freedom and peace.

Small Gestures, Profound Impact

Boyd adds that the most meaningful gifts often arrive in the simplest gestures. Appreciate and acknowledge individuals who have made a difference in your life. His suggestion of sending a quick note of appreciation underscores the transformative potential of such small acts.

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