Big Parties & Small Budgets

You want to throw a big impressive birthday party, but your budget is a little more practical. There are ways to throw a party that will “wow” the kids and not pop your budget.

Kara Allen, from Kara’s Party Ideas highlights some ideas to plan a budget friendly party.

SHOP & PLAN EARLY- Planning ahead of time actually saves you money. If you wait until the last minute then you go to the store and grab stuff on a whim. If you start planning the party a month or two before, you have time to shop around, compare prices, shop sales and find better deals…and you have time to make things at home!

FOOD/DESSERT- First things first- figure out when you’re going to have the party. What time of day? Have the party in between meal times or after dinner to save money. Serve dessert, cake/ice cream, cupcakes, doughnuts & treats, etc.

PRINTABLES- Party printables are a HUGE trend right now and save a TON of money. You can find printable party packs online in any design or theme imaginable. I even have a lot of designs in my online shop on You simply buy the printable party pack, download the files, and print at home! Printable party packages come with invitations, decorations, banners, tags, cake toppers, drink or bottle labels, party hats, cupcake toppers, signs, party favors, thank you cards & more! Everything you need to plan the party! Assembly is simple and is basically just cutting and assembling!

USE THINGS FROM HOME- Another way to save money is to use things you have at home. Be creative. We all have an old table down in our basement or in our garage, for example. Why not paint the table to match your party and set everything out on it? This adds a lot to your party and doesn’t cost that much. You can also use furniture from around your home. Another big one- using actual dishes and glassware from home saves money. Yes, washing them takes more time afterwards, but you have to ask yourself if you would rather spend a lot of money or do dishes. Start to invest in cake stands, glassware, party trays, etc. Collect things over time. These items can be re used over and over and over. They can be dressed up or dressed down.

A simple cake stand can be used for so many things, too. Use a glass cake stand for desserts, cakes, cupcakes, party favors, food, drinks & more.

You can also use glass jars for a lot when it comes to budget friendly party planning…these are really inexpensive, everyone has them, and they’re really popular right now. Use them as drinking glasses, candy jars, etc.

One more thing you can use from home is something that you may not have thought of. This is a big secret of mine! I often use flat bedding sheets or curtains for tablecloths! So budget friendly, you can find them in all colors, and they cost WAY less that table linens!

PARTY ACTIVITY- A good party always has a fun party activity. You need to entertain your guests, right?! Well, this can get expensive and can be a lot of work. BUT, you can plan things that are inexpensive, too! A cute short show or movie is always a fun activity. You can also have your guests help with the party activity! They can actually bring the party activity, saving you a lot of money and time! For example, if it’s a child’s party have the children bring their bikes or toy instruments and create a birthday parade. Or ask a few guests to bring their favorite game to play. I’ve hosted parties where I asked the guests to bring their favorite dessert or dish. Or, simply ask your guests to bring something fun to share with everyone. Guests really love this!

Another fun and budget friendly party activity is a photo booth. Hang fabric on the wall and take pictures of guests in front of it. Simple as that!

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