yarn rainbows

Bigger textures, bigger projects! These easy yarn rainbows are bolder than ever

Yarn rainbows are the perfect application for chunky textures.

We’ve seen an evolution in the yarn aisle – textures and fibers are growing. In fact, these giant spools are promoting our projects to get even bigger and bolder! We’re applying those oversized textures to a motif everybody loves, the rainbow.

Crafter Sarah Freeman shares how to make darling wall hangings that will brighten any little girl’s room. And, these yarn rainbows can easily fit any color scheme!

Find more ideas from Sarah on Instagram, @apricotpolkadot, or at www.apricotpolkadot.com.


Giant Rainbow Wall Hanging

  • Tape two pieces of foam board together
  • Either eyeball or use a string tied to a pencil to make a rainbow shape
  • Cut out the rainbow
  • Secure with more tape
  • Lay out your yarn and cut
  • Hot glue yarn to foam board
  • Trim Ends


Embroidery Hoop Rainbow

  • Cut embroidery hoop in half with pruning shears
  • Double your length of string or yarn or ribbon, etc., and tie around the hoop with the knot in the inside
  • Trim ends to even out


Wood Half Circle Rainbow

  • Hot glue strands of string to the wood piece
  • Trim the ends


Rainbow Garland

  • Cut small pieces of felt into rainbow shapes
  • Like the big rainbow, lay out the yarn and cut
  • Hot glue to the felt
  • Hot glue a loop to the top, making sure that rainbows will face forward when hanging
  • String onto rope for garland

A few other tips: Use a variety in texture, size, and color really make these projects stand out. Also, you will use a lot of hot glue. Make sure to buy extra! Sarah also suggests braiding multiple strands together to make a thicker strand.

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