Bike Tune Ups for Summer

Alan Greenberg with Cottonwood Cyclery and co host of the Bikes for Kids Utah Bike Swap explains the quick tune ups for summer riding.

Quick Tune Ups:

1. Bolts and Bearings- Check bolts and bearings that hold together seat posts, handlebars, etc. These are the connectors that make a frame strong or weak.

2. Brakes- Children and their small hands often struggle to get a solid grip on the hand breaks. Adjustments can be made to get a quick stop every time. Spring is also a good time to make sure brakes are well lubricated.

3. Tires- Just like car tires, bike tires need the right amount of pressure to perform properly. Good air pressure will protect the bike’s rims during bumps and turns.

4. Helmet- Most children’s helmets have never been fitted properly. Without causing discomfort to the child, find the right balance between tightened straps that will hold the helmet in place. Also, be sure the child’s forehead is covered by the helmet. An exposed forehead is a clear sign the helmet is too loose.
Bike Swap
Bikes for Kids Utah and Cottonwood Cyclery, is hosting the second annual Bikes for Kids Utah Charity Bike Swap this Saturday May 16, 2009, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Proceeds from the Bike Swap will help Bikes for Kids Utah provide 1,000 new bicycles to prequalified third graders throughout Utah.

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