Modern Display: Decorating Empty Corners

Emma Harris, Manager of Modern Displays Floral department brings some great ideas to Studio 5

Before deciding on any project, whether it be in art or home decorating or setting a centerpiece, you need some direction or “building blocks” to create an object that’s pleasing to the eye as well as to the creator.

Here are seven tips* you should think about when putting a design together

1. Line – look for interesting lines

2. Shapes – odd shapes add character

3. Direction – Horizontal direction gives an impression of calm and tranquility. Vertical direction emphasizes balance

4. Size – what is the relationship of one shape to another

5. Texture – add elements of rough, smooth, soft, hard, glossy

6. Color – pops of color bring drama, interest and beauty to any design

7. Your imagination – the sky is the limit so don’t be afraid to experiment

Emma demonstrates these tips on the show with three different looks:

1. Asian Contemporary (two linear architectural pieces and an Asian jewelry box combine for a dramatic look

2. Eclectic Black and White (mixing styles, colors and materials i.e. borrowing a dress form, with a large vase, adding a black pedestal with a bright pop of yellow flowers

3. The Traditional Look (a corner cabinet, featuring a favorite family portrait, pops of color to add an element of surprise

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*Source: John Lovett

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