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Biking Basics: These are the top 7 things you need before you roll out

Cycling has become the pastime of quarantine! These are the biking basics you’ll want on the trail.

By Lauren Tippetts

If social media is any indicator, biking seems to be one of the most popular outdoor hobbies this year. The local bike trails are always full of recreational and serious cyclists alike. Going for a bike ride is a great way to enjoy the summer evenings, and even get in a little workout! Here are the top seven things you need if you want to make biking a bigger part of your life.


Bike Car Mount, $150

Whether your taking the bikes on the road, or just down to the nearest bike trail, a good car mount is a must. This model works with sedans, hatchbacks, minivans, and SUVs, and can hold up to four bikes.


Cushioned Bike Seat, $21.99

Bike seats are inherently NOT comfortable. By the end of the ride, it’s hard to even stay sitting on your seat! This handy seat cover is cushioned with gel, so you can keep going for miles and miles.


Bike Phone Mount, $30

If you’re more of an off the beaten path kind of biker, you’re going to want a phone mount. Set your GPS and you’ll never get lost again!


Detachable Bike Basket, $35.99

Got a little dog that can’t quite keep up with your biking speed? Grab a detachable basket so they can still enjoy the ride! Even if you don’t have a pet, this basket is the perfect catch-all for your water bottle, your repair kit (see below), and anything else you might need on the trail.


Mini Bike Pump & Repair Kit, $22.48

One of the most important of biking basics: a portable pump and repair kit. If your tire loses air, if you run over a nail, you can fix it all with these on-the-go tools.


Adult Bike Helmet, $45.96

Kids Bike Helmet, ~$25

We’re not skimping on safety. Make sure every member of your family has the proper head protection. Give yourself peace of mind, and some cushioning for that noggin, before you head off on a biking adventure.

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