Birthday Gift Ideas: For All Ages

Emily Hover from Pioneer Party shares clever punch lines and birthday gift ideas for kids, teenagers and adults.

Great Gift Ideas for Kids:

“To the STAR of the day… Hope you have a Happy Birthday!” (A princess themed bag with a pixy stick that is made into a star wand and sticks out of the bag)

“Hey Matie! AAARGGHH you going to have a Happy Birthday?! AYE … hope so!” (A pirate themed bag with a Rootbeer bottle with a skull label, chocolate gold coins, eye patch, telescope, tattoos, and candy)

“EYE hope you have a great birthday!” (Any gift you want – wrapped up with eyeball candy and an eyeball balloon inside)

Great Gift Ideas for Teens:

“LEI back and enjoy your day… you deserve it!” (A Hawaiian themed bag with soda, treats, bracelet and gift card – tie it up with a Lei)

“Hope you have a BALL on your birthday!” or “Hope your birthday is a BALL!” (Giant sized gumballs, or if the recipient is a sports fanatic add any time of sports balls)

“Pop this balloon and you will see – a fun surprise -to you from me!” (Put cash inside a balloon – an all time favorite for those hard to buy for teenagers)

Great Gift Ideas for Adults:

“Hope you have a SCENT-sational birthday!” (A candle warmer, room spray, and candle)

“Happy Birthday to a real CLASSIC!” (For the Coca Cola drinkers in your life! A six pack of coke with some nuts or candy tied on top)

“Have a seat, pick up your feet, eat a treat, ain’t life sweet? Happy Birthday!” (Use it with any type of treat wrapped up: toenail polish, lotion, or pedicure gift certificate)

“Since it’s your Birthday… Lunch is on me!” (Great tag for food gift cards)

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