Boating Safety Rules

Ron Kramer, an attorney with Ron Kramer Law, reviews 5 pieces of safety equipment every boat should have and 5 safety rules that will go a long ways to keeping people safe.

5 Required Pieces of Equipment:

1. Personal Flotation Devices, or PFDs (properly fitting) for every person
aboard. Children 12 and under must wear when the boat is in operation.
Those being towed must wear a PFD. They should also be worn by all in
dangerous conditions, including at night and during severe weather. 5
Pieces of Equipment for boats larger than 16 feet:

2. Throw Ring or bag

3. Whistle or horn

4. Fire Extinguisher

5. Flag: for use when persons are in the water around the boat.

Other recommended equipment: flashlight, extra propeller, tool kit, tow rope, flares, anchor

5 Rules to Obey

1. Children 12 and under are always to wear a properly-fitted PFD.
Those in the water are also required to wear one.

2. Remain seated and don’t Lean Over the Side when the boat is in
motion: falling overboard is the most common reason for watercraft deaths. Remember to remain seated.

3. Raise an orange flag up when someone is in water and have separate
person 8 years or older to watch the towed person

4. You must slow to wakeless speed when your boat is within 150 feet
of another boat or person being towed or in the water.

5. Never drive impaired. Driving under the influence laws for boating are similar to those while driving. You are not allowed to have any open containers of alcohol in the boat. If your blood alcohol level is .08% or above, you will likely be arrested for BUI (Boating under Influence).

If you are 21 or younger, you may not have any alcohol in your system.

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