Book Group Buzz: Resources

LitLovers– A great website for bookclubs and also book lovers.

Salt Lake County Library bookclub blog– that has a list of bookclub sets we have at South Jordan Library

Reading Group Choices– Great Reading Group website

Reading Group Guides -Another Reading Group site with online blogs

Book Browse-Reading Guides and suggestions for Book Groups

Beacon Press– A site that has categories and a wide variety of areas to discuss. A good sight if you looking to branch out into new areas of discovery.

Book Clubs Resources– A Guide to Book Clubs and Reading Groups- many additional resources

Book Resources for Book Clubs and Reading Groups

Talk About Books! A Guide for Book Clubs, by Elizabeth Knowles

Good Books Lately: The One Stop Resource for Book Groups, by Ellen Moore

The Reading Group Handbook, by Rachel Jacobsohn

The Complete Idiots Guide to Starting a Reading Group, by Patrick Sauer

Reading Raps: A Book Club Guide for Librarians, Kids and Families, by Rita Soltan

The Book Club Companion: A Comprehensive Guide to the Reading Group, by Diana Loevy

Recipe for a Book Club: A Monthly Guide For Hosting Your Own Reading Group, by Mary O’Hare

Good Books, Good friends, Good Food, by Elizabeth Weiler

Book Clubs: Women and the Uses of Reading in Everyday Life, by Elizabeth Long

Read It and Eat: A Month By Month Guide to Scintillating Book Club Selections, by Sarah Gardner

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