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Book your holiday travel now! Here’s how to find the best deals on flights and hotels

You might not be thinking about holiday travel yet, but you should be!

The holiday season is right around the corner, and the anticipation of travel is building up. But when is the right time to secure those flight deals without breaking the bank?

Kamree Price shares when to book to maximize your savings and make your holiday travel dreams a reality.

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How to Find the Best Deals on Holiday Travel

Ditch the Last-Minute Myth: September is the Sweet Spot

While the idea of waiting for last-minute deals around Thanksgiving or Christmas might seem appealing, Kamree says, surprisingly, the best time to lock in those holiday travel deals is in September, roughly 20 to 88 days before the holiday itself. Forget the notion of snagging eleventh-hour deals – now is prime time to secure your travel arrangements.

Flexibility is Your Secret Weapon

Kamree emphasizes the power of flexibility. She believes that a willingness to tweak your travel dates – even slightly – can lead to substantial savings. Enter Google Flights, a valuable tool that offers a flexible date calendar feature. With just a day or two of adjustment, you can discover game-changing reductions in flight costs that you might have otherwise missed.

Kamree throws a curveball by suggesting that you think about flying on the actual holiday. Drawing from her personal experience, she says there is potential for massive savings by adjusting your travel dates, even slightly.

Tracking Prices Made Easy

When it comes to making informed decisions about flight bookings, Kamree champions the use of price trackers. Whether it’s Google, Skyscanner, or Kayak, these platforms offer the ability to monitor price trends. By keeping an eye on fluctuating rates, you can time your bookings for the most savings.

For the best insight into prime travel times, Kamree recommends delving into individual airlines’ flexible date calendars. These tools, though sometimes tucked away, can give you the most cost-effective days to fly.

Balance Between Early Booking and Last-Minute Discounts

Kamree advises an early approach to booking hotels and resorts. By reserving in advance, you can guarantee your room and avoid skyrocketing prices as the travel date approaches. She also suggests monitoring prices in the days leading up to your trip, as increased availability can result in lowered rates.

Navigating Travel Uncertainties

Travel has been stressful recently, and Kamree emphasizes the importance of understanding your rights in case of unexpected delays or disruptions. The US Department of Transportation’s website offers comprehensive information about passenger rights and policies specific to various airlines.

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