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Boost your beauty game! Here are 4 makeup brushes you should have in your bag

These are the four makeup brushes you don’t have in your beauty bag… but should!

Name any job, and chances are the right tools will make a difference. Your makeup bag is no exception!

Studio 5 Beauty Contributor Megan Moore explains what to look for in a good makeup brush, and points to four brushes you don’t currently own – but should!

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The makeup aisle can be daunting, especially when it comes to the HUGE variety of makeup brushes and applicators available to us these days. It appears there is always a new gizmo or gadget promising flawless results and more ease than ever before.

Knowing a few key basics will go a long way to helping you decipher those buzz words. Once you know how a good makeup brush works, you can let it do the work for you.

There are two key factors to be aware of: density and cut.



Density is the amount a bristles packed into the head of the brush. A denser brush will feel firm to the touch and will have less drag on the skin. These brushes are best for spreading liquid and cream product through buffing or tapping.

A less or loose density brush will be better for swiping or swirling powder products because the brushes will glide and bend over the skin without tugging.



Cut is the shape in which the bristles are cut after they’ve been glued into the head of the brush.

Common cuts are flat, round, domed, angled, pencil, and paddle. By analyzing the shape of the brush, you can determine what part of the face it will fit best in, and what type of blend it will produce.

With these two features in mind, look at your collection and asses if you are using brushes to their full potential…or if you might be missing a couple that could make the application process quicker and more efficient.

Here are four lesser-known brushes that will change your makeup game!


4 Makeup Brushes to Add to Your Beauty Bag

bdellium tools 987 Face Blending Brush

$22, Amazon

This is a large flat brush with a sharp edge to the cut… making it ideal for creating precise lines used for adding bronzer and contour


Luxie 207 Angled Shading Brush

$12, Nordstrom

This brush is unique in that it is full and fluffy but still cut at an angle so it fits perfectly into the crease of the eye and you can almost use it as a stamp to create symmetry on both eyes


Real Techniques Filtered Cheek Brush

$5, Target

Most blush brushes are quite full and fluffy, which will spread the product further- but this brush is cut much smaller to give you a precise control over where your color goes


It Cosmetics Essential Concealer Brush

$17, Ulta

This brush is the perfect ‘spatula’ shape… making it ideal for scooping up creams and putties and then pressing them into the pores on the skin.

Megan Moore has been a hair stylist and beauty consultant for more than 13 years, and is owner of the award-winning salon “Moore Hair Design.” She “snoops” out the best of the beauty world and brings it to woman around the globe through her beauty blog, The Beauty Snoop. Megan is an avid golfer, tennis player, wife to her best friend Tyson and mom to two little girls (who both inherited their mama’s sass!).

She shares her best beauty advice and finds on Instagram, too. Follower her @beautysnoop.

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