Boot Scoot Bikes

Boot Scoot Bikes

If you’ve ever tried to teach a child to ride a bike, you know it can be a challenge for both of you. Now, a Utah mom is introducing a new kind of bike that lets kids work on balance before they have to worry about pedals.

These are Boot Scoot Bikes which are helping kids learn to ride bikes.

Boot Scoot Bikes has been making training wheels a thing of the past for over three and a half years. There is no need to wait until your child is 5 or 6 to learn how to ride a “big kid bike.” Even a 2-year- old can learn to balance on two wheels. With the bikes low to the ground and no pedals, crank shafts, or chains in the way, children begin learning riding a Boot Scoot Bike just by walking and straddling the bike. Soon, on their own, they begin to sit and walk and before you know it, they are running and gliding on two wheels. By learning balance first, the transition to a traditional bike is smooth and simple–no running behind and holding onto the bike like our parents did. And kids will never have to rely on the false confidence of training wheels. Boot Scoot Bikes make learning to ride a bike natural, simple and fun.

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