Bra-Ket: The Stylish “Bra Pocket”

We’ve all been there before; you are wearing workout clothes or a dress and you don’t have a pocket to put your cell phone in. So what do you do?

Sam Beck shares details about the stylish, yet convenient Bra-Ket.

Smart and stylish meets convenience and protection.

· Sweat-resistant Neoprene™ outer layer.
· Radio Frequency (RF) shielding fabric for safety.
· RF protection does not affect phone signal.
· Attach pocket to any bra-strap, purse, backpack, etc.
· Sleek design with detachable jewelry strap.
· No fussy attachments that can snag or ruin clothes.
· So comfortable, you won’t notice it’s there.
· Machine or hand washable.
· Tear-resistant, water resistant.
· Shock-absorbing, heat-absorbing.
· Proudly made in the USA

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