NIMA: Facial Analysis System

A new device offers an up close look at your skin’s surface.

Owner Carrie Brinton explains how a facial analysis can help improve your personal approach to skin care.

NIMA is pleased to introduce the NEW Emage ProÒ Facial Analysis system! This device is a digital DSLR camera with three light sources and 3D imaging that maps skin irregularities.

Three photos are taken of the front, left, and right sides of the face. The images are taken using a Normal Light for Pore, Wrinkle, and Skin Color Analysis; a Polarization Light for a Pigmentation Analysis and an Ultraviolet Light that produces a Skin Spot and Sebum Analysis.

The system then combines and analyzes all of your photographic images so that our Master Esthetic students can professionally customize an individualized assessment plan and offer product recommendations based on your unique skin characteristics.

The Emage ProÒ Facial Analysis and consultation takes only 30 minutes. The first 15 callers get the analysis free. This is a $75 value. Call 801-302-1650 for an appointment.


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