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Sometimes… breakups are good! Wear your matching sets in 4 new ways

Don’t get rid of your matching sets, just wear them in new ways.

It’s been the go-to style for a few years now. It’s an easy closet pull for instant polish. We love the matching sets and always will, but it’s time for the set to get an upgrade.

Style Editor Daylan Dove shares four new ways to wear it.


The Matching Set: A Style Staple

The set has had a good run, trending for the last three years.

“I don’t think it’s dead,” Daylan said. “It’s not a skinny jean. We can still love it… I just think we need to love it in different ways.”

The set doesn’t feel one-note anymore. We want to make it more interesting and put a little bit more effort into it when your going out, rather than when you’re just lounging around the house.

1. Break It Up

The first idea is to break up the set.

“When you think about two pieces of clothing that go together, sometimes it’s hard to break it out of your mind that they can be two separate pieces,” Daylan said.

For example, Daylan paired cowgirl gold pants from a set with a nice, white button down, and then tied everything together with gold layered necklaces.

“My pants that I’ve only worn in a set now have new life,” she said.

2. Layering Over

Next, think about layering over your set. Fall or spring are great for layering since the weather is so unpredictable. Try a sweater, a jacket, a blazer, or a vest.

“There are so many ways to layer over your set to keep it really interesting,” Daylan said.

When the sun comes out, throw that layer around your waist. If it cools back off, you can just put it on again.

3. Layering Underneath

Then, consider layering underneath. Daylan paired a plain, black, open front set with a check vest underneath.

“This is an easy way to add a little pattern to the plain black, and you could do any sort of pattern,” Daylan explained.

When you layer underneath, it brings interest to your outfit and draws the eye up towards your face.

4. Accessorizing

Finally, think of accessories. Daylan took a plain green set and added a color pop to it with a bold bag.

“When you’re thinking of accessories, you’re adding to the outfit in interesting ways,” Daylan said.

You can dress any set up or down with different accessories.

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