Bright and Colorful Spring Canvas Wall Art

Jonnie Hartman, from Hartman Dance Art & Design, shows us how it’s done.

Materials needed:

Stretch canvas box ( any local craft store) they come in a huge variety of sizes

paper and fabric of your choice

Spray adhesive

hot glue gun

fabric glue

Embroidery floss and large needle
buttons, ribbon, and other embellishments
image of your choice ( I found mine on Google images under animal silhouettes) you can also download examples from Studio 5

double stick Velcro ( to hang picture)

Spring Time Silhouettes

1. Mount your choice of background fabric and or paper to the canvas, spray canvas not fabric it’s easier that way. Also spray outside the adhesive can leave a fine mist on things.

2. Cut out your image you would like to use, I chose to cut mine from stiff scrap booking material; it was easy to stitch and held its shape well.

3. Stitch around outside of your silhouette with embroidery floss to give it a handcrafted feel.

4. Spray silhouette with spray mount and press onto canvas.

5. Add any extra details to your canvas such as ribbon, or extra stitching (you can sew right on the canvas like an embroidery hoop for a great effect)

Button Image

1. Repeat step 1-4 from above

2. Add layers of colorful buttons to fill your silhouette.

3. Embellish with ribbon and other fun textures.

3D Raised Flowers on Canvas

1. Choose you size of canvas.

2. Mount fabric or paper to canvas with spray mount.

3. Cut out desired shapes for you design.

4. Fold shapes so they will not lay flat not the canvas (leaves crease in half, butterfly fold wings up)

5. Add buttons or stitching to design.

6. Add Button or Foam spacers behind flowers and other images to give depth.

7. Adhere to canvas with fabric glue or hot glue.

If you are planning on hanging these on your wall and do not want to make a hole try double stick Velcro, and when you would like to remove it spray the piece on the wall with GOO B GONE, and your wall will be as good as new.

Jonnie is a professional artist and designer. You can view more of her work and contact her through her website at

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