Making Your Home Magazine Perfect

Michelle Virtue with BYU Campus Craft & Floral shares 6 simple ways to make magazine perfection your reality.

6 Simple Ways to Make Magazine Perfection Your Reality

1. Homes featured in magazines are CLEAN and CLUTTER FREE. You never see stacks of unpaid bills or dirty laundry in the photos of homes in interior design magazines. The homes are always sparkling clean.

2. Start with a THEME AND FOCAL POINT and build your décor around a showpiece. Subtract everything that doesn’t enhance your room’s focal point. If you have objects that are competing for attention, rearrange. Make a plan, but be willing to be flexible. DON’T be afraid to move things around and make adjustments.

3. LIGHTING & COLOR are your friends! Open windows and let the sunshine IN. Lighting in conjunction with you color palette can make all the difference. Don’t be afraid to use color! Many homes are NEUTRAL zones—with beige carpet, beige furniture, and white walls. Sure—these are “safe” choices, but they do anything to distinguish your home from others. If you do have a neutral foundation, find simple and tasteful ways to introduce rich or bold colors into your interior. Pillows, art, paint, or accents are excellent ways to add color!

4. Pay attention to the DETAILS. It’s the little details in a room that distinguish the magazine worthy from the ordinary. Mouldings, architectural details, unique handmade accents, and little touches of whimsy can make a world of difference.

5. Be DELIBERATE, but not stuffy. Mix and match, collect, and play. Decorating an interior should be fun, interesting, and reflect your own style. Always be on the lookout for inspiration—you never know where you will find it.

6. Always include something FRESH in your interior décor. Add arrangements of fresh flowers, or at least a single flower in a bud vase. Open up your favorite decorating magazine and notice that most magazine photos of interiors feature fresh flowers, branches, or element of nature. Flowers add interest and beauty in a way that few other things can. They often make a space come to life.

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