life really hasn't changed

Brooke Walker: ‘Life Really Hasn’t Changed’

By Brooke Walker

Crazy. Weird. Can you even believe this? It’s the way we begin every conversation, the way we begin every day. And rightfully so. Let’s run the logistics: kids are out of school, husbands are working from home, there is no toilet paper, people are wearing masks to the post office. In so many ways, life seems upside down. Which might make what I’m about to say the craziest observation of all: life really hasn’t changed.

I’ve tried to never define myself by what I do. By the things that keep me busy, the things that take my time. I can’t say I’m perfect at it. In many ways, I think that is a core struggle of all women: to not be defined by the hats we wear, or the perceived importance of our work. Because work doesn’t equal worth – and the most important work we do can’t be quantified anyway. Which brings me back to the statement: life really hasn’t changed.

I’m still working to make my household hum. To kiss and show appreciation to my husband. To help my kids get along. Heck, to keep my kids alive. I’m still opening the fridge around 5 o’clock wondering what I’m going to feed my family, wondering when the laundry pile will fold itself. I’m still digging deep to try and demonstrate daily faith, to connect with God, to serve and please Him. I’m still worrying about my family. I’m still working to comprehend the overwhelming gratitude – and responsibility – that comes with being a mother. I’m trying to be a present partner, a helpful sister, a supportive daughter. Life really hasn’t changed.

You cannot argue the functions of life are drastically different now that COVID-19 is part of our existence. But the core focus of our life is very much the same – in fact, the focus of life has only been magnified.

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