Build a Strong Parent Teacher Relationship

There is more to “back to school” than just new clothes and school supplies.

If you want to help your child do well in the classroom, YOU need to do your homework. Studio 5 Relationship coach Matt Townsend has a pop quiz for parents.

1. Do you work well with others?
Are you respectful and nice to each other? Do you end up talking too much or too little to the teachers? Does the parent treat the teacher the way that they would want to be treated?

2. Do you participate in the classroom?
What grade would you give your classroom participation as a parent in your child’s classroom? Are you actively involved in the classroom?
– Do you volunteer to be in the classroom or to do work for the teacher from home?
– Do you attend back to school nights and other meetings with your child?

3. Are you doing your “home” work?
There are some things that only a parent can truly do for their children and those are what I am referring to here when I say home-work. Are your children getting the food and sleep that children need to be healthy and productive? Are your children being taught the hygiene and importance of cleanliness that can best come when taught at home? Are you spending time reading with your children and helping them to focus on their studies and make them a priority?

4. Would your parent teacher relationship make the honor roll ?
Historically have your relationships with your children’s teachers been good enough to make the Honor roll? What overall grade would you give your ability as a parent to create strong healthy relationships with your children’s teachers? Would your grades be good enough to make the “Honor” Roll? What focus could be more beneficial for your kids than having a solid relationship with the people they spend all day with?

5. What are you learning?
Based on our discussion today what have you learned about where you need to focus to create a better parent/teacher relationship? What are you committed to do this year with your children’s teachers to take your relationships to the next level?

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