wood collage

Build a wood collage! Here’s how one Utah artist makes impressive pieces

A wood collage is impressive to look at up close.

Utah artist Rebecca Klundt makes art by collaging blocks of reclaimed wood. Each block is painted and cut and placed so that the image emerges. The finished result is and remarkable to see up close.

Rebecca shares an art experience with wood collage.

Find more of Rebecca’s work at www.rebeccaklundt.com, or on Instagram, @rebeccaklundt.


How to Make a Wood Collage


Pick out from a pile of wood pieces, those that are interesting to you.

On an 8×8 board, puzzle the pieces together and see how they work with each other.

When you have decided the direction you want to go, start to glue the pieces to the board.

Rebecca Klundt uses reclaimed materials which she breaks down and reorganizes to create pictures made of thousands of wood scraps glued together. Check out her workshop and appearance schedule at www.rebeccaklundt.com. And follow her on Instagram @rebeccaklundt.

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