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Put a party in a picture frame! How to make these adorable scrapbook snapshots

Use a basic picture frame to turn a party into a keepsake.

In this home, a bit of every birthday party ends up on a gallery wall. It’s sort of a scrapbook set out for all to see. Each frame is a page from a party.

Designer, Kelsey Klos shares how she makes them.

Find more ideas from Kelsey on Instagram, @kelseyklos, or at www.klosandco.com.


How to Make a Party Picture Frame

You only need a few things.

A floating frame of any size, I use these that hold a 4×6 photo – this size makes it so you do not need a lot of “extra” things to make the frame look complete.

A photo strip with photos from your party or event. This makes the photos uniform and a perfect size to fit into your frame. I print my on the Social Print Studio app.

The invitation and envelope from the event. I will only include the envelope if it is significant or designed in someway contributing to what the party was. This is also an opportunity to add stamps. I love to shop at The Postmistress for vintage stamps that match the theme of the party.

Extras– this can be anything from the party. I love using stickers, a napkin, confetti charms, watercolor punches, or gift tags.

Confetti. Save a little extra at the event for this purpose. Sprinkle it on the glass after everything else is in place to capture the magic.


Once everything is layered and styled on the frame, press, flip and secure. I choose not to glue anything down, just in case I feel the need for change. Things might shift in the flip or hanging it up, but that’s okay, keep it organic and fun.

My name is Kelsey Klos, I am a designer, girl mom, and party planner. Curating themes and planning parties quickly turned from a hobby to a career. When I am not planning a party I am styling flat lays, creatively consulting with brands or making holiday magic with my daughters. You can follow me on Instagram @kelseyklos, see my past work and parties on klosandco.com or I can help you plan your own event though @house.of.fete. 

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