Build Your Own Beehive Birdcage Planter

Carmen Johnston with Nectar & Company shows us how to build a beehive birdcage planter. With these tips and instructions you’ll be one step closer to spring!

Beehive Birdcage Planter

Tools Needed:



-fabulous tropicals

-empty pots no larger than entrance of the birdcage

Design Elements:

-Line bottom of the birdcage with moss to help soften the look

-Create varying heights using empty pots to elevate planted pots (use tall tropical’s like Bromeliads to direct the eye upward)

-Continue playing to fill in space of the birdcage

-Open door of the birdcage and extend foliage (make plants feel comfortable in new home)

-Last but not least, place ceramic birds inside to add whimsy

Plants that work well:

-Bromeliads, Maiden Hairs, Japanese birds nest *all can be purchased at your local nursery

-Patricia Ivy (Patricia Hedera Helix), sun or shade,

Proven Winners

-Yellow Ripple Ivy (Hedera Helix) , sun or shade, Proven Winners

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