Decorating With Numbers

Designer Kristine McKay shows ways to work numbers into your home décor.

Ideas for using numbers in your design:

-Decide if you want to use random numbers vs. numbers with significance

-Remember: A little goes a long way

-Decorate using different kinds of numbers (french, playing dice, roman numerals)

-Techniques for adding numbers include: stencils, wooden numbers, iron-on (for pillows and towels), Mail box numbers, metal, etc.

-Use a numbering system for Practical purposes (storage boxes with cute numbers)

There is a downloadable storage log for tracking what’s inside your boxes at

This comes in handy if your boxes are stored on a top shelf. You can simply look at your storage log and see which box the desired item is in. At that website, there is also a variety of downloadable number tags

For more design ideas and projects go to:

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