bonsai tree
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Build your own bonsai tree! Here’s how to get started…

Taking care of a bonsai tree is a unique hobby.

It’s a little bit of gardening, it’s a little bit of sculpture. The Japanese art of bonsai is curious and fascinating — and old! Yet, we were surprised to see an offering of new classes being offered in Utah County.

Bonsai enthusiast Preston Sonntag gives us a closer look at this somewhat unusual hobby, with a how-to.

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Preston Sonntag was born and raised in Draper, UT. In 2020 he graduated from the Marriott School of Business with a degree in Entrepreneurship. For almost a decade Preston has had a fascination and love for Bonsai Trees. In May of 2022 he decided to found Bonsai Bai Me in order to give others the opportunity to find joy in creating and shaping Bonsai just as he has for so many years!

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