fence panel flag

A fence panel flag makes a big statement! Here’s how to make this patriotic project

This fence panel flag will be a staple summer piece.

That summertime spirit of patriotism is rising. It’s time to break out the red, white, and blue. The stars and stripes become the backdrop to everything you do in the yard this summer with this project.

Studio 5 Creative Contributor Kelly Lonnecker shows how to make a fence panel flag.



Fence Panel Flag


  • 13 pieces 3 1/2×6′ cedar fence
  • 3-46″ 2×3 studs (or other wood block)–Home depot will cut an 8′ board into the lengths you want
  • 2″ Wooden stars
  • Construction Glue
  • Colonial Red, Midnight Blue and White Spray paint (or other colors you like)


  1. Lay out cedar boards close together and spray paint 7 boards red and 6 boards white.  You can leave 28.5″ of one side of 4 red boards and 3 white boards unpainted. This will become the blue section. Allow to dry.
  2. Alternate red and white boards and paint 28.5″ of top left boards (4 red and 3 white) blue.  Tape or use a straight edge or board to create a barrier for the paint. This will create. a nice sharp line of blue.
  3. Flip painted and dry boards over–mirroring the blue to the opposite side (it should be face down on the top right corner)
  4. Use construction glue to adhere 2×3 46″ boards to the back of the painted cedar boards. Use plenty of glue and adhere one board to each side and one board to the center of the cedar boards.
  5. Place a heavy weight or object on top of glued boards and allow to set for several hours.
  6. Lay out stars and use spray paint to paint them white.
  7. Using construction glue, adhere stars in the pattern shown.  Space stars evenly across the blue area starting with rows of 6 across and spacing to allow for 9 rows down.  The stars will form horizontal straight lines, but also diagonal straight lines. This helps you space the stars evenly.
  8. Allow to dry and then display against a fence or wall.  This American beauty will make for the perfect summer backdrop!!


Kelly Lonnecker has a passion for making all of life’s special moments memorable and beautiful. She loves to celebrate and believes that from invitations to thank you cards, an event can be both simple and stunning! As Studio 5’s Creative Contributor, Kelly strives to inspire viewers to create in ways that are both meaningful and manageable. Connect with Kelly by emailing her at studio5@ksl.com.


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