Build Your Own Underbed Storage

Elana Johnson, from The Home Depot, shows how to create a rolling underbed storage box.


1 1x6x10′ pine board
1 10′ trim moulding
1 pc of ¼” plywood cut to 23-3/4″ x 34 “
1 pc 10′ door stop moulding
wood glue
4 caster wheels
cabinet pulls
1″ finish nails
#6 1-1/2″ wood screws
paint/ stain

Tools needed:

Nail set
Miter saw
Counter sink bit
Hot glue gun


Cut 10′ pine board into 2 each pieces at 3′ and 2 each pieces at 2′.

Predrill holes in corners of longer pieces with countersink bit.
Use wood glue on edges and wood screws to attach sides to form rectangular box.
Cut door stop moulding to fit bottom of sides.

Use wood glue and nails to attach. This will give a cleat for your bottom piece to sit on.

Miter cut trim to fit edges of the front of your box.

Glue and fasten with finish nails onto front of box.

Be sure to predrill small holes for finish nails to ensure that the moulding won’t split!

Prime and paint or stain as desired.

Attach wheels to bottom of box.

Wrap fabric around bottom piece and hot glue back bottom edges.

Use hot glue on top of cleats and slide bottom piece into box.

Fill with cookies and roll under bed!!

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