Urban Corsage: How to Make Rolled Fabric Flowers

Studio 5 shows how to put them on a bracelet to make your own Urban Corsage.


1 1/4″ strips of fabric

fabric glue

chunky bangle bracelet

1-3 rhinestones


1. Rip at least four strips of fabric. Each strip is 1 ¼-inches wide. Fold in half lengthwise. Press.

2. Tie a knot in the end of your fabric. Clip excess.

3. Begin rolling fabric around the knot. Periodically as you wind, give your fabric a twist. Roll, and twist every half-inch or so around the diameter of your flower. You will begin to see the fabric take on the look of a cinnamon roll!

4. When you have a flower as big as you wish, tuck end under. I glued mine to the bottom, making kind of a base for the entire flower.

5. Fluff your flower so you can see folds, twists and concentric rings. Snip frayed threads.

6. Cover bangle bracelet one 1 ¼-inch fabric strip. Use fabric glue to tack one end. Simply wrap fabric around the bracelet, pushing strip through the middle of the bangle, and pulling around outer edge. Overlap each wrap by ½-inch or so. Tack end where it will not be seen.

7. Glue three rolled fabric flowers to the top of the bracelet.

8. Embellish with rhinestones in the center of each flower, tuck in pearls, or just tie it all up with a strand of ribbon.

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