Burn off Your Favorite Splurges

Okay, so you caved and ate one (or two!) of your favorite treats. Now what? What will it take to burn Off those extra calories?

Personal Trainer Jeni Nielsen has the answers.

1: Java Joes mocha latte size medium
260 calories 8g of fat
= 30 minutes of running

2: Theater popcorn with extra butter size large
664 calories 48g of fat
= 2 hours of swimming

3: Cafe Rio pork salad
1,172 calories 19g of fat
= 1 hour of running and 2 1/2 hours of yoga

4: Wendy’s Frosty size medium and a medium size French fries
840 calories 32g of fat
= 2 hours of kickboxing

5: medium sized apple with 2 TBS of peanut butter
242 calories 16g fat
= 45 minutes of heavy weight training

6: 4 TBS of Nutella
400 calories 22g of fat
= 1 hour of dancing

7: A 24 ounce Coke from McDonalds
280 calories
= 45 minutes of biking

If you have questions for Jeni, you can email her at jen.fungirl@gmail.com

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