The Treadmill Workout

This weekend is all about hitting the stores, but after your amazing Thanksgiving dinner, you may want to hit the treadmill. Health and Fitness Editor Halli Tinti tries out the cutting edge trend; The Treadmill Workout.

The Treadmill Workout.

1- Take your treadmill to a 30% incline, start with a slow jog

2- Take your speed up to at least 4 miles per hour and continue jogging for one minute.

3- Jump off the treadmill and grab a resistance band and do one minute of squats to a row.

4- Grab a kettle bell and do steps ups with the kettle bell for one minute.

5- Finish the rounds with one minute of pushups using the treadmill for support.

6- Repeat 3 times and burn up to 500 calories.

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