Button Necklaces

Button Necklaces

Turn those cute buttons you keep tucked away in your craft drawer into an
adorable wardrobe accessory. A personalized Button Necklace adds color
and fun to any casual outfit.

Brett Lund from Robert’s Crafts shows how to make the Button Necklaces

Embossing powder & stamps from American Crafts
VersaMark watermark stamp ink
Embossing heat gun
Assorted buttons
Thread or string
End Crimps
Metal toggles


1. Take a stamp and place it on a clear stamping block.

2. Ink the stamp with the watermark stamp ink.

3. Hold the button in the center with your pliers and push the button
onto the top of the inked image.

4. Press the button into the embossing powder.

5. Hold the button with the pliers and melt the powder with the
embossing gun.

6. Repeat with the other buttons. Set them off to cool before you thread

7. Take 2 yards of string and fold in half. Tie a knot at the end closest
to the fold in the string.

8. Take a button and thread through one hole and back through
another hole.

9. Repeat the process only doing it in the opposite. (For example if you
thread it into one hole and through the other, you would thread it in the
other hole first, then back through the other side.)

10. Push the button all the way down to the knot.

11. Tie another button at the other end of the string, thus preventing the
button from moving.

12. Keep tying the buttons onto the string until you get the length you

13. Take both ends of the string and attach a end crimp to each end.

14. Put a dab of super glue in the crimp and crimp closed.

15. Using a jump ring on each end, attach the metal toggle or an alligator
clip to the ends.

*This idea was originally thought of by Jennifer McGuire. The original
project can be found at this address: http://heroarts.com/learning/technique.cfm?

For more information go to www.robertscrafts.com.

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