California Roll – ‘Ura Maki’ style (inside out)

3 cups ‘sumeshi’ (cooked sushi rice)
6 sheets nori seaweed paper
1 english cucumber cut into 3.5 inch sticks
1 ripe avocado
8 oz. lump crab meat
1 tbs. mayonnaise
toasted sesame seeds
soy sauce for dipping
wasabi paste
maki-su (bamboo rolling mat) wrapped in cellophane

1. Drain /squeeze water from crab meet. In a bowl, mix together crab and mayonnaise and set aside.

2. Place nori rough side up on a cutting board

3. Wet hands. Spread a ‘raquet ball’ sized amount of rice from center of nori out to sides, leaving a .25in tabat the top.
Flip nori over so rice is face down on cutting board, with tab edge closest to you.

4. Place 3 thin slices of avocado,2cucumber sticks, and a small amount of crab in center of nori.

5. Take the tab, and roll the nori over the ingredients, then continue to roll to that the roll issealed at the bottom with
rice. Shape with maki-su. With a wet knife, cut into 8 pieces.Sprinkle sesame seeds on top of cut roll. Serve with a
dollop of wasabi paste on the side and a dish of soy sauce.

Makes 6 rolls

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