CAMP CHEF: Gifts for the Chef

Natalie Barratt comes to Studio 5 with some great ideas for Christmas.

Outdoor Camp Oven 2 Burner Range and Stove – $200

You’ve always wanted an oven when camping – Now you can with the Outdoor Camp Oven. Don’t let its compact size fool you. The Outdoor Camp Oven features over 14,000 total BTU’s, the twin burners and spacious oven have plenty of power to get your cooking/baking done right. This stove’s folding lid and carrying handles were designed with portability in mind. This camp oven is loaded with features. It is just perfect for your cabin, summer camping, or RV.

• Matchless Igniter burners

• Stainless steel construction

• Nonstick enamel cooking surface

• Oven thermometer

• 2 oven racks.

• Powered by a disposable 1 lb propane tank – Can be adapted to use a bulk tank

Classic Dutch Oven – $50

Prepare delicious meals with the hearty flavor only achieved with cast iron cookware. The 6-quart Classic-style 12″ Dutch features a beautiful mule deer etching, three legs. a handled lid and bale. The raised lip around the lid is excellent for cooking with charcoal briquettes or wood. Seasoned and ready to cook. Each Classic is a modern heirloom cast with Camp Chef’s dedication to quality.

Skookie – Perfect Dessert! – $20

Round up the family for a new twist on fresh baked cookies & brownies! This dessert is not only delicious it is also easy and fun. Kids will love to prepare their own Skookie with their favorite brownie mix. These tasty treats will quickly become a family favorite!

The Cast Iron Skillet is also great for personal pizzas. fajitas and much more!

The Skookie cast iron skillet is made with the highest quality cast iron. Our cast iron is seasoned with natural oils that are baked into the iron to create a black finish called a “Patina.” This creates a natural. non-stick finish.

Cast iron is a great material for cookware. The advantages of cast iron include even heating. superior heat retention. and a natural stick-resistant finish. This makes cast iron great for baking and you won’t get better results with any other cookware.

Aebleskiver – $23.00

What is an Aebleskiver you ask? The exact description can be found online and it says:
“Æbleskiver (Danish meaning apple slices in English (singular: æbleskive) are traditional Danish cakes, somewhat similar in texture to American pancakes. Æbleskiver are cooked in a special æbleskive pan, a cast-iron pan with several hemi-spherical indentations in the bottom of the pan. Batter is poured into the indentations and as it begins to cook it is flipped with a skewer to give the cakes their characteristic round shape.”

They were traditionally cooked with bits of apple (æble) or applesauce inside but these ingredients are not normally included in modern Danish forms of the dish. Æbleskiver are not sweet themselves but are traditionally sprinkled with powdered sugar, accompanied with raspberry or sometimes strawberry jam.

But really, there is so much more you can do with these pans. One of our favorite things to do is make little pancake balls. Just get your normal pancake mix and fill the round cups to the top of the cup, wait for them to brown on the one side and then flip them over to cook the other side. When they are done you can put any of your favorite toppings on them and enjoy.

Sushezi – $20.00

With easy-to-follow instructions, Sushezi creates perfectly formed sushi quickly and reliably with no guesswork and no trial and error. Using your own choice of imaginative fillings will make you a sushi expert and have your guests coming back for more.

The Sushezi can also be used for a variety of dessert items. Walnut rolls, fudge rolls, cake rolls, and biscuit cookies are only a few of the possibilities

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