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You can’t control events… you can control your reaction. 4 ways to design the life you want

You can always control your reaction to a situation.

In a world filled with constant challenges and distractions, the idea of designing our own lives might seem like a lofty, unattainable goal.

Life coach Tiffany Peterson believes that the power of choice is the key to crafting a joy-filled and meaningful existence. Amidst the chaos and uncertainties, our ability to decide how we respond to situations is within our control.

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4 Ways to Design the Life You Want

The Power of Choice

Tiffany sheds light on the concept of empowerment through choice. She says that while we can’t control external events, we have complete control over our responses to them. By being aware of our power of choice, we can shape our own outcomes. This shift in perspective, from feeling overwhelmed to recognizing our capacity as powerful creators, is liberating.

Ownership and Proactivity

Tiffany introduces the idea of ownership, emphasizing that we are the captains of our destinies. The formula E + R = O (Event + Response = Outcome) underscores the importance of our reactions in shaping the results we experience. Being proactive, as advocated by renowned author Stephen Covey, means being intentional about our choices. It’s about taking charge, setting clear intentions, and creating the life we desire.

Vision: A Guiding Light

Having a clear vision for our lives serves as a guiding force, especially during moments of doubt or insecurity. Tiffany urges us to keep our visions in focus, to be intentional creators rather than passive passengers in our own lives. This intentionality, she suggests, not only infuses our days with purpose but also provides the courage and hope needed to navigate life’s challenges.

Practice Choosing

The practice of choosing is about making conscious decisions, both big and small, that align with our desired outcomes. Choosing our mindset, our responses, and even our thoughts allows us to cultivate a more positive and intentional life. While perfection is not the goal, the practice of choosing empowers us to design our lives in a way that resonates with our deepest desires.

Through the power of choice, ownership, proactivity, vision, and practice, she reminds us that we are the authors of our stories. Embrace this power, design your life with intention, and step into a future crafted by your own hands.

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