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Embrace change with fall meditations. Here are 3 thought shifts to try

Now is a great time to try these fall meditations.

We can draw inspiration from nature this fall. Just as the world transforms, this is the perfect season for us to make changes in our lives, shed unnecessary baggage, and create space for a fresh start.

Dr. Allison Mangrum shares fall meditations that help align our energies with the changing season.

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3 Fall Meditations to Try This Season

1. Changing Your Thought Patterns: Shifting Your Inner Dialogue

Allison reminds us that the most potent changes in our lives begin within our own minds. The stories we tell ourselves, our internal dialogues, and our repetitive beliefs significantly influence how we perceive the world around us. While it’s common to focus on the negative, it’s essential to recognize that changing these patterns is not an overnight process.

Allison points out that a staggering 80% of our daily thoughts tend to be skewed toward negativity. This negativity shapes our actions and responses, influencing our lives in more ways than we realize. Allison’s advice is that the key to transformation lies in consistency and intention. By intentionally shifting our thoughts and consistently reinforcing positive thinking, we can effectively reprogram our brains for the better.

2. Visualizing Nature: A Fall Meditation Exercise

You might wonder how we can channel the beauty of autumn into a practice that transforms our thought patterns. Allison suggests a visualization exercise based on one of the most iconic fall activities: leaf peeping. To begin, find a quiet, safe space where you can close your eyes and imagine the scenery of fall. Picture the myriad of colors in the leaves, feel the crispness in the air, and let your senses be engulfed by the season.

Much like when you observe leaves during a nature walk, you need to treat your thoughts with the same objectivity. Without judgment, criticism, or labels, observe your thoughts as they come and go. As you embrace the changing leaves without any conditions, accept your thoughts in the same way. Recognize them with grace and compassion, forgiving yourself for past beliefs that no longer serve you.

3. Shifting to Spring: Planting New Thoughts

In this meditation practice, each time you notice a thought that no longer serves you, visualize it falling away like a leaf from a tree. There’s no need to judge these thoughts, only to let them go. After allowing these thoughts to fall away, picture the new thoughts as buds of spring growth. As they emerge, gently reintroduce yourself to self-compassion and positive beliefs.

Allison’s advice echoes the sentiment that the more you tell yourself a story, the more you become that story. By mindfully crafting your internal narrative, you can shape a positive story that truly serves you.

With a consistent and intentional commitment to transforming your thought patterns, you can make positive changes that resonate with the beauty of autumn. Embrace the wisdom of Mother Nature and realign your energy with the changing season. Take the time to transition, not only in your external surroundings but also in your internal world, making space for personal growth and positive thinking.

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