Canning with Harward Farms

Canning season is here! Sara Harward with Harward Farms shares tips and tricks to make the task a little bit easier.

1. Cut of cob with electric knife and using a bundt pan to hold the cob and to catch the corn

2. Pears have to be picked before they are ripe. If ripened on the tree they turn black inside. Buy a box and then put in your garage covered with a blanket this will help them ripen faster.

3. Put an atomic fireball in bottom of bottle of pears to make them pink and give them a little taste of cinnamon, peel with a potato peeler instead of paring knife and a pear corer is the best way to core them.

4. Use Ball Blue Book or USU extension book to know how to can correctly. Very important to follow all instructions so your food is preserved and doesn’t grow bacteria.

5. Dilly Beans are a great way to do beans and I do most my canning on a camp chef stove outside!

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