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‘Best sleep I’ve had in 10 years!’ Here’s why our beauty expert says you need a sleep mask

A sleep mask is the solution to your sleeping problems.

Are you having trouble sleeping? Well, the solution may be as simple as wearing a sleep mask. Research has shown that having dim light on during the night has harmful physiological effects, and that everyone should wear an eye mask to bed.

Studio 5 Style & Beauty Contributor Megan Moore shares why you should add a sleep mask to your beauty bag, and what to look for in a good high-quality product.


Megan admitted that she initially associated sleep masks with the flimsy ones provided on airplanes, or the ones depicted in movies. However, after reading an article about their benefits, she was convinced.

Tried and True

Megan said that even a tiny light on during the night does bother her. She prefers to sleep in a dark cave-like environment, but even with blackout windows, there is still a light source that comes in. She didn’t think it was enough to make a difference, but after two weeks of using a sleep mask, she noticed a significant improvement in her sleep quality.

“I have slept better in the last two weeks since researching this topic than I have in 10 years,” Megan exclaimed.

The Beauty Benefits

Sleep masks not only help you sleep, they can also have beauty benefits. They lock in your eye creams, helping to seal in moisture.

“If you put on your eye cream at night and then put your mask on, it’s going to really lock it in and seal in that moisture,” Megan explained. “That really helps you wake up with a more moisturized under eye. I noticed that from the get go.”

They also reduce friction on your delicate eye area and eyelashes, preventing loss of eyelashes on the corners where they rub on your pillow.

Choosing the Right Sleep Mask

When choosing a sleep mask, look for one made of silk or satin. These materials help reduce inflammation and puffiness when you wake up.

“That little bit of pressure on the eye actually helps to keep fluid away from the eye, so you actually wake up looking like you’re less tired,” Megan said.

While there are sleep masks to look for, there are also masks to avoid. Megan found a cute option at TJ Maxx that was satin, so she grabbed it.

“The problem with it is it’s not an adjustable strap, which is hugely important, I’ve realized,” Megan said.

The bumpy elastics can dig into the back of your head. You want to look for something that is smooth and adjustable on the back.

Megan’s Picks

Find the links to Megan’s recommendations here.

1. For Blocking Out Sound

This option is Megan’s favorite. It is larger in size, and covers more of your face.

“It covers the forehead all the way down past the cheekbones, but you’ll notice on the side, it actually covers your ears as well,” Megan said.

You’ll find it gives you a little bit of sound dampening. However, if you’re a back sleeper, you may find it too bulky.

“If you’re a side sleeper and maybe trying to drown out a little bit of noise, this one is amazing and super comfy,” Megan said.

2. For Lash Extensions

This sleep mask option has a 3D mold, so you can actually open your eyes inside it. It’s great for false lashes or lash extensions because they won’t get squished by the mask itself.

“This is a really great option if you’ve got lashes that you’re trying to protect,” Megan said.

She also emphasized it could be a good choice for men, too. It’s not silky, but neoprene, so it’s a little more masculine.

3. Best Traditional Mask

Megan’s favorite traditional style mask is made by Kitsch.

“This one has the best strap on the back,” she said. “It’s really flat and super comfy and stretchy, but it’s adjustable.”

It puts a little bit of pressure on your eyes, and it’s perfect for the side sleeper.

4. For the Back Sleeper

“This one is kind of like a weighted blanket for your eyes,” Megan said. This mask has beads in individual little pouches, and you just lay it over your eyes. It gives you the pressure you’re looking for in a sleep mask. You can heat it up or cool it down, and it’s even great for mitigating a headache.

“If you have a migraine, you can warm this up and put those on the eyes and it just lays with that weighted pressure, like a weighted blanket,” Megan explained.

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