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New clothes without buying anything! 5 new ways to wear your old pieces

You already have new clothes sitting in your closet! You just have to style the old ones differently.

Before you spring clean and toss out clothes, reinvent your closet without buying new clothes!

Reachel Bagley shares how to take tired old items you don’t wear anymore and resurge them with a few fun styling tricks.


1. Give a Long Cardigan a Tie

We all have a long, open cardigan in our closet. They were a big hit about 10-15 years ago. Give it a fresh look just by swinging it around the back and finishing it off with a tie. It creates a pretty, ballet look. Or, wear it like normal, but add a little tie at the bottom. This style works best with a longer, thinner cardigan without too many details. Pair it the look with jeans and a tank top underneath for a simple, chic style.

2. Put a Sweater Over a Slip Dress

As the weather starts to warm, you might think it’s time to put away your sweaters. But don’t store them yet! If you have a slip dress, try putting a sweater on top of it instead of throwing on a cardigan. It turns the dress into a skirt and gives a fresh, spring-like feel to your outfit. For the best look, pair a loose fabric with a loose fabric. If you pair something structured with something loose, it will feel a little bit off. Make sure to pair fabrics of the same weight together.

3. Wrap an Oversized Button Down

If you have a structured button down that feels too business-y for everyday, give it a new look. Pair it with jeans and follow these step-by-step instructions:

  1. Take the side with the buttons and bring it through the loophole on your jeans on the opposite side.
  2. Take the non-button side and add a few pleats for a clean finish.
  3. Wrap it across the front and tuck it in to the other side of your jeans.
  4. Tuck the front under for a polished finish.
  5. Keep the collar open for a more relaxed, beach-y look.

4. Use a Scarf as a Belt

If you have a skirt or pants that are a bit big at the waist, use a scarf as a half belt. Loop it through the back three belt loops, wrap it back around the front of those loops, and tie it. You’ll end up with the back pockets exposed and a cute, backdoor accessory that gives a little detail to your outfit.

5. Wear a Structured Top Under a Dress

Putting a jacked over top of a structured dress is going to feel like too much fabric. If you have a dress with lots of buttons and details, try wearing a structured top underneath it. It gives you a bit more coverage in the colder months and allows you to show off the details of the dress.

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