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If you like Gap… try Everlane! 6 new stores to try based on where you already shop

Try some new stores and you might just find a new favorite!

Many of us love shopping for clothes, but sometimes we get stuck in a style rut. You know that woman with unique style—the friend who always finds wardrobe pieces you don’t see on anyone else? We’re telling you where she shops.

Studio 5 Style & Fashion Contributor Casey Matheny shares lesser-known, unexpected places to shop for fashion that you won’t find at the mall.


Casey started off by reassuring us that all of these new stores are very affordable.

“Just because you’re shopping somewhere different doesn’t necessarily mean you have to pay more. A lot of these options are the same price or even cheaper,” she said.

Casey compared commonly shopped stores to new, unique stores to try. A little… personality test of sorts.

1. If you like Gap, try Everlane

For the woman who likes classic pieces.

Everlane focuses on timeless classics built to last.

“I love that it is your classics, but they are just built so well,” Casey said.

Think great cashmeres, wools, and knits. They do shoes very well, and when it comes to pants, you’ll find their options are just every so slightly elevated.

2. If you like Nordstrom, try Ever Eve

For the woman who likes quality brands.

Ever Eve curates mid-tier Nordstrom lines into one store.

“They do have their own line, but they also carry a lot of the brands you already know,” Casey said.

You’ll find those different brands, price points, and personalized assistance. It’s like having a personal shopper!

3. If you like Anthropologie, try Tuckernuck

For the woman who likes bold patterns. 

“This is like Anthro, but better,” Casey said.

Tuckernuck is an online only store where you’ll see lots of patterns, textures, and colors. They have their own brand, but you’ll also find others from designers that you recognize. From home goods to clothing, shoes to gifts, Tuckernuck is a fun website to check out.

4. If you like J.Crew, try & Other Stories

For the woman who likes crafted collections.

& Other Stories is actually an H&M store that combines Parisian, Norwegian, and other European inspirations. You’ll find great pieces for both work and casual wear. Although they don’t have physical stores here in Utah, you can shop them online.

5. If you like Old Navy, try Uniqlo

For the woman who likes practicality and affordable prices.

Uniqlo is great for their solid basics in a ton of different colors. One of Casey’s favorite pieces is from this store.

“My absolute favorite white t-shirt that I scream from the rooftops is from here, and it is 13 bucks,” Casey exclaimed. “You literally cannot find a better one.”

She also really likes socks from Uniqlo.

6. If you like Zara, try Mango

For the woman who likes trendy clothing.

Mango, like Zara, offers evening wear, workwear, and casual pieces.

“I love their dresses,” Casey said, “… and their trousers and tops and jackets…!”

“I love, love, love Mango!” she exclaimed.

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