CaptionCall® Life Is Calling

Life Is Calling

CaptionCall® is a revolutionary new telephone and service for anyone who
has trouble hearing on the phone. Similar to captioned television,
CaptionCall uses voice recognition technology and a fast transcription service
to quickly provide written captions of what your callers say on a large, easy-
to-read screen. CaptionCall lets you use the phone again with confidence!

Cameron Tingey talks about the benefits and features of CaptionCall.

With CaptionCall, you will enjoy:

· Automatic Captioning—no need to dial additional numbers to use the
captioning service.

· Easy to use—works like a regular phone. Make and receive calls just
like you always have.

· Easy-to-read screen—a large 7-inch screen with adjustable text sizes
and contrast settings and exceptionally smooth scrolling text for easy

· Location flexibility—can be set up using a wired or wireless internet

· Sleek design—an elegant, state-of-the-art touch-screen phone, with
touch technology similar to the latest smart phones.

· Customizable audio—easily adjust ringer and handset volume. Also
customize frequency amplification to match your unique audiogram.

· Touch to call—make calls quickly and easily with a simple touch of the

· Photo phone book—store phone numbers and caller ID photos for up
to 200 people.

· Hearing aid compatible—use comfortably with hearing aids. Comes
with a telecoil option.

To get started with CaptionCall, all you need is:

· High-speed internet connection

· Home phone line

· Ordinary power outlet

Every CaptionCall phone comes with a customer satisfaction guarantee, free
delivery, free installation assistance if needed, and friendly ongoing customer
support. The firmware is periodically upgraded with new or improved
features to provide the best captioned telephone experience possible. All
this, combined with the free, FCC-funded service, enables people everywhere
to get more from their phone conversations—and from life.

CaptionCall is another innovative solution from Sorenson Communications,
the national leader in telecommunication relay services.

Through the end of the year, viewers can get the CaptionCall phone at no
cost. Visit, click on the
“Request Info” link and enter promo code KSLTV5. Once you have submitted
your contact information, you will be contacted by an installer who will make
an appointment to install the CaptionCall phone. To learn more, call 877-
557-2227 or visit

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