Car Insurance FAQs

No one ever expects to have an automobile accident, but they do happen. How should the consumer be prepared in case of an accident?

Dave Platt is an insurance agent who represents Auto-Owners Insurance, among other companies, and he walks through what to expect.

It’s always important to have proper registration, insurance ID Cards, and driver’s license with you or in the car. Have a first aid kit and, of course, a cell phone.

If you are involved in an accident with another party, you should call 911 for an ambulance if anyone is injured; secure the site to prevent further damage, take pictures if practical and safe to do so. Do not admit fault.

Always report to the police and let them decide whether or not they will respond. It is important to make the circumstances of the accident a matter of public record to protect yourself down the road.

You do not necessarily have to report accidents to your insurance company. Some simple accidents that are clearly caused by others can be reported to the other party’s insurance. This avoids your own deductible and or rate surcharges. You must report to your own company if anyone is injured of if you are at fault.

You should be treated with courtesy and respect by your insurance company after an accident. The insurance company is entitled to have a reasonable amount of time to investigate the accident and determine the circumstances in order to provide policy coverages. All policies have conditions and exclusions. Once the circumstances are clear, the insurance company should make a fair and reasonable offer in a timely manner.

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