Car-Topia Garden Box

Keep your boys entertained with a DIY project sure to
captivate them!

Cari Stevenson shares how to create an outdoor imagination
station that will keep boys busy all summer long!

Make a simple four-sided garden box. Cari used a 4ft x4ft
raised garden planter.

Note: You’ll want a painter plastic to line the bottom of
the box if it’s not going directly on dirt.

Supplies for accessories:

• For the road: 2 1x6x6 pieces of wood- cut into
sections (home depot)

• Buildings: 1 4×6 piece of wood (home depot)

• Black spray paint (home depot)

• chalk paint (home depot)

• yellow craft paint- Martha Sewart in chamomile

• chalk or liquid chalk (Michael’s)

• 1 inch foam brush (Michael’s)

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