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Celebrate everyday! Find the small wins daily in 3 ways

Start finding the small wins in everyday.

There’s nothing like the thrill of winning. Most of us will never stand on a podium, representing our country, but we can celebrate the little things daily!

Life Coach Jody Moore says there are little small wins you can experience everyday.

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How to Celebrate the Small Wins

There are behavior goals and results goals. The behaviors will eventually (ideally) lead to the results but we must celebrate the behaviors along the way. Not just wait for the results to celebrate. 

For example: If your desired result is strong relationships with your kids, celebrate yourself for spending a little time listening to them and not distracted by your phone. If the desired result is increased health, celebrate yourself for drinking more water today. 

Stop trying to be so modest. We are quick to criticize ourselves publicly but have a fear of people thinking we’re bragging if we approve of ourselves. This is something I would love to see change in our culture. Our kids need to hear us say, “Wow, I did a great job on that. I’m so proud of me,” or “I’m really good at that” at LEAST as often as we notice our shortcomings. 

Don’t attach your worth to your goals. Set big goals and go after them because you’re alive. You can. It’s fun to see what you’re capable of and to grow along the way. But achieving them doesn’t make you a better person. This means not achieving them doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with you. Once you loosen up the seriousness of your dreams/goals, they become much more fun to pursue.

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