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Celebrate May Day with spring flair! Here are 11 ideas to choose from

Bring some new spring traditions into your home this year!

This is definitely one year we are hoping the April showers bring May flowers. We don’t often bring forward May Day traditions, but it is an old English spring festival to celebrate.

Cami Packer shares some traditions that are light and simple.

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How to Celebrate May Day

May Day is a lovely holiday that was celebrated in the US in the 1800’s and the first half of the 1900’s to welcome the arrival of Spring. It was a pretty big deal, often with a community parade, children dancing around a maypole, and even a girl being crowned the May Queen. Perhaps the most beloved May Day tradition though, was May Day baskets of gathered flowers and treats left on the doorknobs of neighbors and friends-hopefully without being caught!

My great-grandmother always told her grandchildren how much she loved May Day, which has inspired me to keep celebrating May Day, even in a small way. Today, I think May Day can still be an opportunity to share the joy of Spring, show kindness to others, and to celebrate that we can all come out of our homes after a long winter.

In honor of those wonderful and practical past generations of May Day celebrators, I think May Day baskets and bouquets should be simple and inexpensive. We’re not going for full or large bouquets to leave on someone’s porch, we’re just going for charm and a little Spring joy. Once you start looking around your house for little May Day “baskets”, it may surprise you how many things can turn into a charming way to leave a little happiness on someone’s porch!

Cami Packer is a wife and mother of five. She loves thrifting, baking, and simple traditions with her family. She believes in the joy and influence of homemaking, and that ALL of us are homemakers regardless of age, gender, employment status, or family circumstance. 

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