celebrate the pioneers

Celebrate the pioneers with Little House on the Prairie! Here are the pretty party details…

July is the month we celebrate the pioneers.

We’ll have a party in our state later this month. We celebrate the Utah pioneers, and all of us who come from “good pioneer stock.” It’s everything cowboy boots and calico.

The event designers at Loveliest Detail, Brooke Carter and Katie Evertsen, draw on their memories of Little House on the Prairie books and TV show, for pioneer party ideas.

Find more ideas from Brooke and Katie on Instagram, @theloveliestdetail, and at theloveliestdetail.com.


Brooke Carter & Katie Evertsen are event planners and stylists at The Loveliest Detail. They specialize in the small surprises that make an event memorable. We believe “life’s loveliest moments are in the details” and love to create those moments for others. Find and follow them at www.theloveliestdetail.com or on Instagram @theloveliestdetail.

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