Celebrate You: Creating a Career as a Stay-at-Home Mom

Today on Studio 5, pointers and perspective from a couple of women who are making at-home work – work! Sarah Jane of Sarah Jane Studios and Amber Anderson with PrintsVillePromotionalsshare recommendations and the reality of an at-home career.

Sarah’s Advice:

Recommendation:No matter what, be consistent and be yourself!
With so many resources out there in print and on the internet, make sure you have done your homework and know what is out there. At the same time, know how you are unique and how you stand out!

If you are creating your art from a truly genuine place and you create from your heart, your work will be very well received and noticed. If, on the flip side, you see something out in the market that works and you want to try and do it too, two things start to happen: 1) when the work gets stressful, you won’t have the passion to keep it up and 2) it will get lost in the market. Being a creative business takes being completely committed to your own vision, passion and creative ideas. And never, ever lose that vision. It’s your gift and it’s your job to deliver what is truly your creative offering.

Reality: Creative Time Will Be Compromised
With being a business, creative play, exploration and production will be compromised. When you have a businesses, there are so many other things that you need to consider to build your brand. There is communication, shipping, production, marketing, and so much more. Your time will largely be spent in building your business and not as much in creating. But since you are a CREATIVE business, it is essential that you balance your time so that you still have time to create. You might feel that your time must be spent on the business side since there will be deadlines and the pressures of work. But just don’t forget to play and make sure you are allowing for creative time! Get help, hire employees, or set aside specific time to focus on creativity. When I started, I think I spent my first year just handling the business side of things, and had VERY little time to create new designs, and that was very challenging for me, and it was hard to stay connected to what my business was all about….which was my illustration and design! So above all, find your way to live a creative life even with the demands of having a business.

About Sarah:

Sarah Jane Studios began with a simple desire to share my vintage inspired designs and illustrations. Being fascinated with vintage storybook illustration and retro design, I wanted to see more of that in the rooms and homes of children. Sarah Jane Studios offers giclee fine art prints for children as well as quality stationery and paper goods all at a very affordable price. Sarah Jane Studios has been open for 3 years and has has sold thousands of prints all over the world, and sells to over 30 retail stores worldwide. Since opening her business she has also started illustrating children’s books and is currently illustrating with Harper Collins Children’s and her first picture book will be on shelves in Fall 2011. And as a recent development, Sarah Jane will be coming out with a fabric line with Michael Miller fabrics next year. Sarah lives in Provo with her husband and 3 young children ages 5, 4, and 1. You can learn more about Sarah and her family, business and illustration at www.sarahjanestudios.com

Amber’s Advice

Recommendation:Start with What You Know!
It’s hard enough to be a mom at home trying to run a small business. On the job training is no fun with all the other pressures you have to deal with. It’s also easier to sell with confidence if the service or product that you are offering already has a place in you.

Reality:Good office skills are a major component to success.
Starting a business is one thing. Keeping it alive and helping it grow is another. when the excited energy of getting started is gone. The sweet and steady flow that good clerical habits can create, turns frantic into fun!

About Amber:

PrintsVillePromotionals creates promotional products for Businesses, events and creative gift giving. Silk screening,sublimation, pad printing graphics and consultation are what we do. No matter the product or the quantity you need we can take care of it. When it comes to promotional products “It’s not just what you say, it’s what you print it on!”

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