Celebrating Baby Animal Days

Jorden Blucher, from This Is The Place Heritage Park, explains some of the attractions that will be offered for the weekend.

On May 23 & 25, This Is The Place Heritage Park will celebrate Baby Animal Days. The Humane Society will also be there with its Adopt-a-Pet program. Of course, the trains will be running and the tradesmen will be demonstrating life in the 19th Century.

Though one of its purposes is historic preservation of the skills, trades and lifestyles of the original Mormon pioneers and those who came after them, This Is The Place Heritage Park is not a traditional museum. A visit is not a tour of historic artifacts behind velvet ropes and glass, but an experience of pioneer heritage.

This Is The Place Heritage Park, with its pioneer-era Heritage Village, has become the premier living history site in the western U.S. In more than 40 Village homes, businesses and outbuildings – many of them original structures – costumed “interpreters” demonstrate the crafts, trades and skills that made life on the frontier possible.

For example, one of the few remaining tinsmiths in the U.S. works his craft in Heritage Village. The blacksmith shop isn’t just for show; the blacksmith makes items that are used elsewhere in the Village while explaining his trade to visitors. A similar working environment is offered at the furniture-maker’s shop, as well as the saddlery.

More domestic skills are demonstrated in Village homes. Visitors can watch wool being carded and spun into yarn that will be colored with dyes made from native plants. At another home, candles are being dipped layer-by-layer over a small open fire in the back yard.

Elsewhere in the 450-acrea Park is a Visitors’ Center with a café and gift shop. The plaza with the original 80-ft- high, This Is The Place Monument. A statuary walk culminating at the National Pony Express Monument, and plenty of native flora, a fauna to enjoy and/or photograph.

This Is The Place Heritage Park

2601 E Sunnyside Ave.

Salt Lake City, UT 84108

(801) 924-7544

You can also visit them at www.thisistheplace.org

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