Cents of Style

Dress up your holiday wardrobe with unconventional holiday colors.
Skip the traditional red and green and accessorize with unique color
schemes, instead.

1-Peacock Colors- The peacock print is very hot right now, but the colors are
too. Consider peacock prints along with rich blues and greens. Add gold
metallics for extra interest.

2-Alternate to green and red- Instead of your traditional green and red in
your outfit, consider doing olive and pink. You could play it a little safer with
a olive and pale pink or go bold with olive with hot pink or fuchsia.

3-Winter White with Silver and Gray- Embrace the winter season and wear the
colors of the snow. Winter white is very chic and adding some silver and/or
gray adds a little more to the look.

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under $15.00.

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Cents of Style is all about feeling and looking great on a budget. Cents of
Style offers the latest fashion accessories, shoes, handbags and jewelry that
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