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Here’s a chilling challenge…find a way out! Play these 4 escape room games at home

These escape room games are like the real thing, but at home!

By Lauren Tippetts

What better way to spend Halloween than puzzling through an escape room? If you don’t want to brave the crowds, bring the experience home! There are tons of escape room games you can find online or at your favorite store. Whether you like a quick solve, or want to a serious challenge, this list has you covered.


Exit: Theft on the Mississippi, $14.95

The Exit franchise has tons of different storylines. In this game, a robbery has taking place on a Mississippi steamboat, and you have to find the guilty party before you dock in New Orleans! This is a great one for beginners or kids to get in on the fun.


Escape the Room: Stargazers Manor, $21.74

This escape room game is for players 10+. It’s another great one for kids since it teaches critical reasoning and logical deduction skills. It comes with secret clues and repacking instructions so you can enjoy it again and again.


Escape Room in a Box, $29.99

There are three versions of Escape Room in a Box. In this installment, you have to solve 19 mental and physical puzzles before the mad scientist turns you all into werewolves! You have one hour, and you can enhance the experience by connecting to Alexa.


Escape Room The Game, $39.99

This one game comes with four different escape room options. It’s more challenging, so it is best for ages 16 and up. The decoder it comes with plays sound effects and counts down your time, and, download the app for an even more immersive experience! You just have one hour to get out, and each adventure gets progressively harder.

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