Checking Out an e-Book

In this day and age of digital, now there is a new kind of book to check out from the library.

Librarian Trish Hull explains how to check out an e-book.

How to download a free library e-book to your iPad

1. Download the free Overdrive App (Overdrive media console)from the app store

2. Tap on “get books”

3. Tap on “add a library”

4. Enter a city, zip code etc…

5. Choose the library you have an account with.

6. If you do not have a library card go to your local library and get one. You will need a library card to access the free books.

7. Enter the libraries ebook/eaudiobook page

8. Make your selection

9. Tap on “add to digital book cart”

10. Tap on “proceed to checkout”

11. Login with library card # and pin#

12. Confirm checkout

13. Download ebook

14. Ipad automatically switches back to Overdrive and your books are available for reading.

Every library in the state of Utah has access to Overdrive ebooks through the Utah State Library. They must be accessed through your local library. If you have questions go to the State library website page for downloadables: Your local library should also be able to help you.

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